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REST API: WP_REST_Post_Search_Handler class

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WP_REST_Post_Search_Handler:: (6 methods):

Class: WP_REST_Post_Search_Handler  - X-Ref

Core class representing a search handler for posts in the REST API.

__construct()   X-Ref

search_items( WP_REST_Request $request )   X-Ref
Searches the object type content for a given search request.

param: WP_REST_Request $request Full REST request.
return: array Associative array containing an `WP_REST_Search_Handler::RESULT_IDS` containing

prepare_item( $id, array $fields )   X-Ref
Prepares the search result for a given ID.

param: int   $id     Item ID.
param: array $fields Fields to include for the item.
return: array Associative array containing all fields for the item.

prepare_item_links( $id )   X-Ref
Prepares links for the search result of a given ID.

param: int $id Item ID.
return: array Links for the given item.

protected_title_format()   X-Ref
Overwrites the default protected title format.

By default, WordPress will show password protected posts with a title of
"Protected: %s". As the REST API communicates the protected status of a post
in a machine readable format, we remove the "Protected: " prefix.

return: string Protected title format.

detect_rest_item_route( $post )   X-Ref
Attempts to detect the route to access a single item.

param: WP_Post $post Post object.
return: string REST route relative to the REST base URI, or empty string if unknown.

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