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Plural_Forms:: (4 methods):

Class: Plural_Forms  - X-Ref

A gettext Plural-Forms parser.

__construct( $str )   X-Ref

param: string $str Plural function (just the bit after `plural=` from Plural-Forms)

parse( $str )   X-Ref
Parse a Plural-Forms string into tokens.

Uses the shunting-yard algorithm to convert the string to Reverse Polish
Notation tokens.

param: string $str String to parse.

get( $num )   X-Ref
Get the plural form for a number.

Caches the value for repeated calls.

param: int $num Number to get plural form for.
return: int Plural form value.

execute( $n )   X-Ref
Execute the plural form function.

param: int $n Variable "n" to substitute.
return: int Plural form value.

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