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__webpack_require__(moduleId)   X-Ref
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getDefault()   X-Ref
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getModuleExports()   X-Ref
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createBlobURL(file)   X-Ref
Create a blob URL from a file.

param: {File} file The file to create a blob URL for.
return: {string} The blob URL.

getBlobByURL(url)   X-Ref
Retrieve a file based on a blob URL. The file must have been created by
`createBlobURL` and not removed by `revokeBlobURL`, otherwise it will return

param: {string} url The blob URL.
return: {File|undefined} The file for the blob URL.

revokeBlobURL(url)   X-Ref
Remove the resource and file cache from memory.

param: {string} url The blob URL.

isBlobURL(url)   X-Ref
Check whether a url is a blob url.

param: {string} url The URL.
return: {boolean} Is the url a blob url?

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