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HTTP API: WP_Http_Streams class

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WP_HTTP_Fsockopen:: (0 methods):

Class: WP_Http_Streams  - X-Ref

Core class used to integrate PHP Streams as an HTTP transport.

request( $url, $args = array()   X-Ref
Send a HTTP request to a URI using PHP Streams.

param: string $url The request URL.
param: string|array $args Optional. Override the defaults.
return: array|WP_Error Array containing 'headers', 'body', 'response', 'cookies', 'filename'. A WP_Error instance upon error

verify_ssl_certificate( $stream, $host )   X-Ref
Verifies the received SSL certificate against its Common Names and subjectAltName fields.

PHP's SSL verifications only verify that it's a valid Certificate, it doesn't verify if
the certificate is valid for the hostname which was requested.
This function verifies the requested hostname against certificate's subjectAltName field,
if that is empty, or contains no DNS entries, a fallback to the Common Name field is used.

IP Address support is included if the request is being made to an IP address.

param: stream $stream The PHP Stream which the SSL request is being made over
param: string $host The hostname being requested
return: bool If the cerficiate presented in $stream is valid for $host

test( $args = array()   X-Ref
Determines whether this class can be used for retrieving a URL.

param: array $args Optional. Array of request arguments. Default empty array.
return: bool False means this class can not be used, true means it can.

Class: WP_HTTP_Fsockopen  - X-Ref

Deprecated HTTP Transport method which used fsockopen.

This class is not used, and is included for backward compatibility only.
All code should make use of WP_Http directly through its API.

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