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HTTP API: WP_Http_Cookie class

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WP_Http_Cookie:: (5 methods):

Class: WP_Http_Cookie  - X-Ref

Core class used to encapsulate a single cookie object for internal use.

Returned cookies are represented using this class, and when cookies are set, if they are not
already a WP_Http_Cookie() object, then they are turned into one.

__construct( $data, $requested_url = '' )   X-Ref
Sets up this cookie object.

The parameter $data should be either an associative array containing the indices names below
or a header string detailing it.

param: string|array $data {
param: string       $requested_url The URL which the cookie was set on, used for default $domain

test( $url )   X-Ref
Confirms that it's OK to send this cookie to the URL checked against.

Decision is based on RFC 2109/2965, so look there for details on validity.

param: string $url URL you intend to send this cookie to
return: bool true if allowed, false otherwise.

getHeaderValue()   X-Ref
Convert cookie name and value back to header string.

return: string Header encoded cookie name and value.

getFullHeader()   X-Ref
Retrieve cookie header for usage in the rest of the WordPress HTTP API.

return: string

get_attributes()   X-Ref
Retrieves cookie attributes.

return: array {

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