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Toolbar API: Top-level Toolbar functionality

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Functions that are not part of a class:

_wp_admin_bar_init()   X-Ref
Instantiate the admin bar object and set it up as a global for access elsewhere.

For that, use show_admin_bar(false) or the {@see 'show_admin_bar'} filter.

return: bool Whether the admin bar was successfully initialized.

wp_admin_bar_render()   X-Ref
Renders the admin bar to the page based on the $wp_admin_bar->menu member var.

This is called very early on the {@see 'wp_body_open'} action so that it will render
before anything else being added to the page body.

For backward compatibility with themes not using the 'wp_body_open' action,
the function is also called late on {@see 'wp_footer'}.

It includes the {@see 'admin_bar_menu'} action which should be used to hook in and
add new menus to the admin bar. That way you can be sure that you are adding at most
optimal point, right before the admin bar is rendered. This also gives you access to
the `$post` global, among others.

wp_admin_bar_wp_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add the WordPress logo menu.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_sidebar_toggle( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add the sidebar toggle button.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_my_account_item( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add the "My Account" item.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_my_account_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add the "My Account" submenu items.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_site_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add the "Site Name" menu.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_customize_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Adds the "Customize" link to the Toolbar.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar WP_Admin_Bar instance.

wp_admin_bar_my_sites_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add the "My Sites/[Site Name]" menu and all submenus.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_shortlink_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Provide a shortlink.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_edit_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Provide an edit link for posts and terms.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_new_content_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add "Add New" menu.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_comments_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add edit comments link with awaiting moderation count bubble.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_appearance_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add appearance submenu items to the "Site Name" menu.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_updates_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Provide an update link if theme/plugin/core updates are available.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_search_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add search form.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_recovery_mode_menu( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add a link to exit recovery mode when Recovery Mode is active.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_add_secondary_groups( $wp_admin_bar )   X-Ref
Add secondary menus.

param: WP_Admin_Bar $wp_admin_bar

wp_admin_bar_header()   X-Ref
Style and scripts for the admin bar.

_admin_bar_bump_cb()   X-Ref
Default admin bar callback.

show_admin_bar( $show )   X-Ref
Sets the display status of the admin bar.

This can be called immediately upon plugin load. It does not need to be called
from a function hooked to the {@see 'init'} action.

param: bool $show Whether to allow the admin bar to show.

is_admin_bar_showing()   X-Ref
Determines whether the admin bar should be showing.

For more information on this and similar theme functions, check out
the {@link https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/basics/conditional-tags/
Conditional Tags} article in the Theme Developer Handbook.

return: bool Whether the admin bar should be showing.

_get_admin_bar_pref( $context = 'front', $user = 0 )   X-Ref
Retrieve the admin bar display preference of a user.

param: string $context Context of this preference check. Defaults to 'front'. The 'admin'
param: int $user Optional. ID of the user to check, defaults to 0 for current user.
return: bool Whether the admin bar should be showing for this user.

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