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Cookie holder object

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Requests_Cookie_Jar:: (11 methods):

Class: Requests_Cookie_Jar  - X-Ref

Cookie holder object

__construct($cookies = array()   X-Ref
Create a new jar

param: array $cookies Existing cookie values

normalize_cookie($cookie, $key = null)   X-Ref
Normalise cookie data into a Requests_Cookie

param: string|Requests_Cookie $cookie
return: Requests_Cookie

normalizeCookie($cookie, $key = null)   X-Ref
Normalise cookie data into a Requests_Cookie

return: Requests_Cookie

offsetExists($key)   X-Ref
Check if the given item exists

param: string $key Item key
return: boolean Does the item exist?

offsetGet($key)   X-Ref
Get the value for the item

param: string $key Item key
return: string Item value

offsetSet($key, $value)   X-Ref
Set the given item

param: string $key Item name
param: string $value Item value

offsetUnset($key)   X-Ref
Unset the given header

param: string $key

getIterator()   X-Ref
Get an iterator for the data

return: ArrayIterator

register(Requests_Hooker $hooks)   X-Ref
Register the cookie handler with the request's hooking system

param: Requests_Hooker $hooks Hooking system

before_request($url, &$headers, &$data, &$type, &$options)   X-Ref
Add Cookie header to a request if we have any

As per RFC 6265, cookies are separated by '; '

param: string $url
param: array $headers
param: array $data
param: string $type
param: array $options

before_redirect_check(Requests_Response &$return)   X-Ref
Parse all cookies from a response and attach them to the response

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