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Defines 7 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

debounce(func, wait, immediate)   X-Ref

param: {Function} func
param: {number} wait
param: {boolean} immediate

prependElement(container, element)   X-Ref
Prepends an element to a container.

param: {Element} container
param: {Element} element

showButton(element)   X-Ref
Shows an element by adding a hidden className.

param: {Element} element

hideButton(element)   X-Ref
Hides an element by removing the hidden className.

param: {Element} element

getAvailableSpace( button, container )   X-Ref
Returns the currently available space in the menu container.

returns: {number} Available space

isOverflowingNavivation( list, button, container )   X-Ref
Returns whether the current menu is overflowing or not.

returns: {boolean} Is overflowing

updateNavigationMenu( container )   X-Ref
Refreshes the list item from the menu depending on the menu size.

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