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Custom template tags for this theme

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Defines 10 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

twentynineteen_posted_on()   X-Ref
Prints HTML with meta information for the current post-date/time.

twentynineteen_posted_by()   X-Ref
Prints HTML with meta information about theme author.

twentynineteen_comment_count()   X-Ref
Prints HTML with the comment count for the current post.

twentynineteen_entry_footer()   X-Ref
Prints HTML with meta information for the categories, tags and comments.

twentynineteen_post_thumbnail()   X-Ref
Displays an optional post thumbnail.

Wraps the post thumbnail in an anchor element on index views, or a div
element when on single views.

twentynineteen_get_user_avatar_markup( $id_or_email = null )   X-Ref
Returns the HTML markup to generate a user avatar.

twentynineteen_discussion_avatars_list( $comment_authors )   X-Ref
Displays a list of avatars involved in a discussion for a given post.

twentynineteen_comment_form( $order )   X-Ref
Documentation for function.

twentynineteen_the_posts_navigation()   X-Ref
Documentation for function.

wp_body_open()   X-Ref
Fire the wp_body_open action.

Added for backward compatibility to support pre-5.2.0 WordPress versions.

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