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WordPress Widgets Administration API

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Functions that are not part of a class:

wp_list_widgets()   X-Ref
Display list of the available widgets.

_sort_name_callback( $a, $b )   X-Ref
Callback to sort array by a 'name' key.

return: int

wp_list_widget_controls( $sidebar, $sidebar_name = '' )   X-Ref
Show the widgets and their settings for a sidebar.
Used in the admin widget config screen.

param: string $sidebar      Sidebar ID.
param: string $sidebar_name Optional. Sidebar name. Default empty.

wp_list_widget_controls_dynamic_sidebar( $params )   X-Ref
Retrieves the widget control arguments.

param: array $params
return: array

next_widget_id_number( $id_base )   X-Ref

param: string $id_base
return: int

wp_widget_control( $sidebar_args )   X-Ref
Meta widget used to display the control form for a widget.

Called from dynamic_sidebar().

param: array $sidebar_args
return: array

wp_widgets_access_body_class( $classes )   X-Ref

param: string $classes
return: string

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