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Fileadmin-filters.php                                     [source] [150 lines]   Administration API: Default admin hooks
Fileadmin.php                                             [source] [99 lines]    Core Administration API
Fileajax-actions.php                                      [source] [5267 lines]  Administration API: Core Ajax handlers
Filebookmark.php                                          [source] [327 lines]   WordPress Bookmark Administration API
Fileclass-automatic-upgrader-skin.php                     [source] [119 lines]   Upgrader API: Automatic_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-bulk-plugin-upgrader-skin.php                   [source] [78 lines]    Upgrader API: Bulk_Plugin_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-bulk-theme-upgrader-skin.php                    [source] [78 lines]    Upgrader API: Bulk_Plugin_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-bulk-upgrader-skin.php                          [source] [177 lines]   Upgrader API: Bulk_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-core-upgrader.php                               [source] [415 lines]   Upgrade API: Core_Upgrader class
Fileclass-custom-background.php                           [source] [616 lines]   The custom background script.
Fileclass-custom-image-header.php                         [source] [1515 lines]  The custom header image script.
Fileclass-file-upload-upgrader.php                        [source] [133 lines]   Upgrade API: File_Upload_Upgrader class
Fileclass-ftp-pure.php                                    [source] [186 lines]   PemFTP - An Ftp implementation in pure PHP
Fileclass-ftp-sockets.php                                 [source] [246 lines]   PemFTP - An Ftp implementation in pure PHP
Fileclass-ftp.php                                         [source] [912 lines]   PemFTP - An Ftp implementation in pure PHP
Fileclass-language-pack-upgrader-skin.php                 [source] [95 lines]    Upgrader API: Language_Pack_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-language-pack-upgrader.php                      [source] [473 lines]   Upgrade API: Language_Pack_Upgrader class
Fileclass-pclzip.php                                      [source] [5702 lines]  
Fileclass-plugin-installer-skin.php                       [source] [141 lines]   Upgrader API: Plugin_Installer_Skin class
Fileclass-plugin-upgrader-skin.php                        [source] [89 lines]    Upgrader API: Plugin_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-plugin-upgrader.php                             [source] [568 lines]   Upgrade API: Plugin_Upgrader class
Fileclass-theme-installer-skin.php                        [source] [150 lines]   Upgrader API: Theme_Installer_Skin class
Fileclass-theme-upgrader-skin.php                         [source] [126 lines]   Upgrader API: Theme_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-theme-upgrader.php                              [source] [654 lines]   Upgrade API: Theme_Upgrader class
Fileclass-walker-category-checklist.php                   [source] [128 lines]   Taxonomy API: Walker_Category_Checklist class
Fileclass-walker-nav-menu-checklist.php                   [source] [122 lines]   Navigation Menu API: Walker_Nav_Menu_Checklist class
Fileclass-walker-nav-menu-edit.php                        [source] [313 lines]   Navigation Menu API: Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit class
Fileclass-wp-ajax-upgrader-skin.php                       [source] [130 lines]   Upgrader API: WP_Ajax_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-wp-automatic-updater.php                        [source] [1016 lines]  Upgrade API: WP_Automatic_Updater class
Fileclass-wp-comments-list-table.php                      [source] [952 lines]   List Table API: WP_Comments_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-community-events.php                         [source] [504 lines]   Administration: Community Events class.
Fileclass-wp-debug-data.php                               [source] [1338 lines]  
Fileclass-wp-filesystem-base.php                          [source] [831 lines]   Base WordPress Filesystem
Fileclass-wp-filesystem-direct.php                        [source] [620 lines]   WordPress Direct Filesystem.
Fileclass-wp-filesystem-ftpext.php                        [source] [738 lines]   WordPress FTP Filesystem.
Fileclass-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php                    [source] [662 lines]   WordPress FTP Sockets Filesystem.
Fileclass-wp-filesystem-ssh2.php                          [source] [776 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-importer.php                                 [source] [334 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-internal-pointers.php                        [source] [172 lines]   Administration API: WP_Internal_Pointers class
Fileclass-wp-links-list-table.php                         [source] [339 lines]   List Table API: WP_Links_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-list-table-compat.php                        [source] [50 lines]    Helper functions for displaying a list of items in an ajaxified HTML table.
Fileclass-wp-list-table.php                               [source] [1431 lines]  Administration API: WP_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-media-list-table.php                         [source] [800 lines]   List Table API: WP_Media_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-ms-sites-list-table.php                      [source] [740 lines]   List Table API: WP_MS_Sites_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-ms-themes-list-table.php                     [source] [797 lines]   List Table API: WP_MS_Themes_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-ms-users-list-table.php                      [source] [524 lines]   List Table API: WP_MS_Users_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-plugin-install-list-table.php                [source] [776 lines]   List Table API: WP_Plugin_Install_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-plugins-list-table.php                       [source] [1025 lines]  List Table API: WP_Plugins_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-post-comments-list-table.php                 [source] [78 lines]    List Table API: WP_Post_Comments_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-posts-list-table.php                         [source] [1941 lines]  List Table API: WP_Posts_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-privacy-data-export-requests-list-table.php  [source] [129 lines]   List Table API: WP_Privacy_Data_Export_Requests_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-privacy-data-removal-requests-list-table.php [source] [137 lines]   List Table API: WP_Privacy_Data_Removal_Requests_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-privacy-policy-content.php                   [source] [726 lines]   WP_Privacy_Policy_Content class.
Fileclass-wp-privacy-requests-table.php                   [source] [451 lines]   List Table API: WP_Privacy_Requests_Table class
Fileclass-wp-screen.php                                   [source] [1351 lines]  Screen API: WP_Screen class
Fileclass-wp-site-health-auto-updates.php                 [source] [478 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-site-health.php                              [source] [2314 lines]  
Fileclass-wp-site-icon.php                                [source] [233 lines]   Administration API: WP_Site_Icon class
Fileclass-wp-terms-list-table.php                         [source] [700 lines]   List Table API: WP_Terms_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-theme-install-list-table.php                 [source] [560 lines]   List Table API: WP_Theme_Install_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-themes-list-table.php                        [source] [361 lines]   List Table API: WP_Themes_List_Table class
Fileclass-wp-upgrader-skin.php                            [source] [208 lines]   Upgrader API: WP_Upgrader_Skin class
Fileclass-wp-upgrader-skins.php                           [source] [44 lines]    The User Interface "Skins" for the WordPress File Upgrader
Fileclass-wp-upgrader.php                                 [source] [952 lines]   Upgrade API: WP_Upgrader class Requires skin classes and WP_Upgrader subclasses for backward compatibility.
Fileclass-wp-users-list-table.php                         [source] [641 lines]   List Table API: WP_Users_List_Table class
Filecomment.php                                           [source] [214 lines]   WordPress Comment Administration API.
Filecontinents-cities.php                                 [source] [554 lines]   Translation API: Continent and city translations for timezone selection
Filecredits.php                                           [source] [157 lines]   WordPress Credits Administration API.
Filedashboard.php                                         [source] [1928 lines]  WordPress Dashboard Widget Administration Screen API
Filedeprecated.php                                        [source] [1566 lines]  Deprecated admin functions from past WordPress versions. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.
Fileedit-tag-messages.php                                 [source] [59 lines]    Edit Tags Administration: Messages
Fileexport.php                                            [source] [670 lines]   WordPress Export Administration API
Filefile.php                                              [source] [2264 lines]  Filesystem API: Top-level functionality Functions for reading, writing, modifying, and deleting files on the file system. Includes functionality for theme-specific files as well as operations for uploading, archiving, and rendering output when necessary.
Fileimage-edit.php                                        [source] [984 lines]   WordPress Image Editor
Fileimage.php                                             [source] [1057 lines]  File contains all the administration image manipulation functions.
Fileimport.php                                            [source] [232 lines]   WordPress Administration Importer API.
Filelist-table.php                                        [source] [93 lines]    Helper functions for displaying a list of items in an ajaxified HTML table.
Filemedia.php                                             [source] [3747 lines]  WordPress Administration Media API.
Filemenu.php                                              [source] [353 lines]   Build Administration Menu.
Filemeta-boxes.php                                        [source] [1593 lines]  WordPress Administration Meta Boxes API.
Filemisc.php                                              [source] [1452 lines]  Misc WordPress Administration API.
Filems-admin-filters.php                                  [source] [44 lines]    Multisite Administration hooks
Filems-deprecated.php                                     [source] [110 lines]   Multisite: Deprecated admin functions from past versions and WordPress MU These functions should not be used and will be removed in a later version. It is suggested to use for the alternatives instead when available.
Filems.php                                                [source] [1154 lines]  Multisite administration functions.
Filenav-menu.php                                          [source] [1279 lines]  Core Navigation Menu API
Filenetwork.php                                           [source] [668 lines]   WordPress Network Administration API.
Filenoop.php                                              [source] [105 lines]   Noop functions for load-scripts.php and load-styles.php.
Fileoptions.php                                           [source] [133 lines]   WordPress Options Administration API.
Fileplugin-install.php                                    [source] [892 lines]   WordPress Plugin Install Administration API
Fileplugin.php                                            [source] [2442 lines]  WordPress Plugin Administration API
Filepost.php                                              [source] [2444 lines]  WordPress Post Administration API.
Fileprivacy-tools.php                                     [source] [908 lines]   WordPress Administration Privacy Tools API.
Filerevision.php                                          [source] [464 lines]   WordPress Administration Revisions API
Fileschema.php                                            [source] [1334 lines]  WordPress Administration Scheme API Here we keep the DB structure and option values.
Filescreen.php                                            [source] [241 lines]   WordPress Administration Screen API.
Filetaxonomy.php                                          [source] [314 lines]   WordPress Taxonomy Administration API.
Filetemplate.php                                          [source] [2582 lines]  Template WordPress Administration API. A Big Mess. Also some neat functions that are nicely written.
Filetheme-install.php                                     [source] [252 lines]   WordPress Theme Installation Administration API
Filetheme.php                                             [source] [937 lines]   WordPress Theme Administration API
Filetranslation-install.php                               [source] [277 lines]   WordPress Translation Installation Administration API
Fileupdate-core.php                                       [source] [1518 lines]  WordPress core upgrade functionality.
Fileupdate.php                                            [source] [935 lines]   WordPress Administration Update API
Fileupgrade.php                                           [source] [3404 lines]  WordPress Upgrade API Most of the functions are pluggable and can be overwritten.
Fileuser.php                                              [source] [591 lines]   WordPress user administration API.
Filewidgets.php                                           [source] [330 lines]   WordPress Widgets Administration API

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