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List Table API: WP_Privacy_Requests_Table class

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Defines 17 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

get_columns()   X-Ref
Get columns to show in the list table.

return: string[] Array of column titles keyed by their column name.

get_admin_url()   X-Ref
Normalize the admin URL to the current page (by request_type).

return: string URL to the current admin page.

get_sortable_columns()   X-Ref
Get a list of sortable columns.

return: array Default sortable columns.

get_default_primary_column_name()   X-Ref
Default primary column.

return: string Default primary column name.

get_request_counts()   X-Ref
Count number of requests for each status.

return: object Number of posts for each status.

get_views()   X-Ref
Get an associative array ( id => link ) with the list of views available on this table.

return: string[] An array of HTML links keyed by their view.

get_bulk_actions()   X-Ref
Get bulk actions.

return: string[] Array of bulk action labels keyed by their action.

process_bulk_action()   X-Ref
Process bulk actions.

prepare_items()   X-Ref
Prepare items to output.

column_cb( $item )   X-Ref
Checkbox column.

param: WP_User_Request $item Item being shown.
return: string Checkbox column markup.

column_status( $item )   X-Ref
Status column.

param: WP_User_Request $item Item being shown.
return: string Status column markup.

get_timestamp_as_date( $timestamp )   X-Ref
Convert timestamp for display.

param: int $timestamp Event timestamp.
return: string Human readable date.

column_default( $item, $column_name )   X-Ref
Default column handler.

param: WP_User_Request $item        Item being shown.
param: string          $column_name Name of column being shown.
return: string Default column output.

column_email( $item )   X-Ref
Actions column. Overridden by children.

param: WP_User_Request $item Item being shown.
return: string Email column markup.

column_next_steps( $item )   X-Ref
Next steps column. Overridden by children.

param: WP_User_Request $item Item being shown.

single_row( $item )   X-Ref
Generates content for a single row of the table,

param: WP_User_Request $item The current item.

embed_scripts()   X-Ref
Embed scripts used to perform actions. Overridden by children.

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