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Upgrader API: Automatic_Upgrader_Skin class

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Automatic_Upgrader_Skin:: (5 methods):

Class: Automatic_Upgrader_Skin  - X-Ref

Upgrader Skin for Automatic WordPress Upgrades

This skin is designed to be used when no output is intended, all output
is captured and stored for the caller to process and log/email/discard.

request_filesystem_credentials( $error = false, $context = '', $allow_relaxed_file_ownership = false )   X-Ref
Determines whether the upgrader needs FTP/SSH details in order to connect
to the filesystem.

param: bool|WP_Error $error                        Optional. Whether the current request has failed to connect,
param: string        $context                      Optional. Full path to the directory that is tested
param: bool          $allow_relaxed_file_ownership Optional. Whether to allow Group/World writable. Default false.
return: bool True on success, false on failure.

get_upgrade_messages()   X-Ref

return: array

feedback( $data, ...$args )   X-Ref

param: string|array|WP_Error $data
param: mixed                 ...$args Optional text replacements.

header()   X-Ref
No description

footer()   X-Ref
No description

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